Ya’ll…I fit right in.

So tonight it dawned on me. I hadn’t bought any souvenirs for the kids from my trip to Gatlinburg. I couldn’t walk in the door tomorrow night without something!

So even though I’d almost turned in for the night, I decided to hit the strip once more. Trouble is, I’d already packed my bag of dirty clothes which included what I wore today. The only thing left was tomorrow’s clothes and a pair of running shorts and a muscle-shirt.

I fit right in with the rest of the crowd.

Funny thing is how much you see and hear when you’re walking down the street without your kids. You pick up on things that you’d normally miss. Such as these memorable quotes:

“Oooohhhhh funnel cakes”
“That’s that place that’s got corn dogs more’n a foot long”
“Ya’ll want some taffy?”
“Is that a NASCAR store?”
“Ya’ll doing Dollywood tomorrow?”
“I’m fixin’ to go to the Believe it or not place”

Tomorrow’s the last day for the conference. It’s been good, the reaction from these worship leaders has been positive and I picked up a ton of good leads. Several tell me they want to subscribe for the next year. Tonight, they played one of my most recent stories on the big screen in front of the entire conference. I’m hopeful that this trip has helped get the ACTS Network in front of a new group of churches from around the country. We’ll see.

I’ll be headed home tomorrow. One other thing about the drive over here: the last time I drove to Knoxville I had to fill-up my gas tank between Nashville and Knoxville. Of course I was doing 80 mph most of the time. This trip, I slowed down to 60-65. Set the cruise control and just drove. Instead of getting about 300 miles to the tank of gas, I got 418! With prices the way they are I’ll end up saving about $40 on the round-trip!


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