I’m watching WKRG out of Mobile again tonight, over the internet.

I’ve got to tell you this station has kicked tail during Hurricane Dennis. I watched a bit of a Panama City station last night along with WPMI’s live wall2wall coverage and none can touch KRG’s coverage.

They’ve been on the air solid for most of the weekend, I don’t know how many hours but I would guess it’s close to 36.

They’re coverage is among the best I’ve ever seen for a big severe weather event. The only others that come close would be WAAY Huntsville for coverage of the 1989 tornado, and NBC13 Birmingham for the 1992 or 93 blizzard.

I’ve tried to find some of the streaming videos from B’ham stations since the storm is now on top of the magic city, but can’t find a link on their websites. NBC13 says it has a webcast of their coverage, but it isn’t compatible with my Mac. (?????)

I don’t see any link to live coverage on FOX6 or 33/40, surprising since I saw on http://www.southtvnews.com that they would be streaming their coverage as the storm came closer to Birmingham. Maybe I’ve missed it on their website, but if I have, and I was looking for it…it’s their bad.

Congrats WKRG…some of the best local news coverage I’ve ever seen.


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  1. Carson Clark

    I had the chance to watch KRG while covering Dennis in Mobile. I agree they did a great job of Wall2Wall. My one complaint was they read too many emails from viewers patting them on the back.

    Glad you mentioned WAAY’s ’89 coverage and 13’s ’93 Blizzard coverage. I watched both and they were all outstanding.

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