Here I Go Again on My Own

I like thinking of song titles for the titles of these blogs. Anyone remember WhiteSnake? Anyone remember the video?

I started a new project this morning and then tried to get everything cleared away for another trip. I’ll be attending a worship conference in Gatlinburg to promote “The ACTS Network” next week. It’s my second trade show since last November and this would should be better than the first.

I bought a 8×12 foot trade show booth which comes with lights and a table. I’ll be picking up my posters today and picked up my new banner yesterday. I’ll have some of the stories running on a computer and will be giving away information and holding a drawing for a free annual subscription. I also bought about 20 pounds of candy to give away and will take my camera for some interviews too.

Trade shows are a lot of work. Not only from the travel and the setting up but the gripping and grinning alone makes for a tough week. Standing on your feet for 10-11 hours each day will take a lot out of you.

It’ll be a busy week.

We’re also watching coverage of Dennis. The place we were last week and early this week is under a hurricane warning. Glad we went the week we did.


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