Birmingham TV Producers Taking Self-Defense

Producers at WVTM-NBC 13 in Birmingham may want to pick up a coupon for a free karate lesson. The station announced today they have hired a new weekday morning anchor and shaken up the entire team.

Gina Redmond, who last worked in television in 2003 at WPXI in Pittsburg will join Jim Dunaway as the new morning team. Redmond made the news herself when, in 2002 she slapped and verbally assaulted a news producer at a bar. Roberta Petterson’s attorney told a newspaper reporter after an initial hearing that “Ms. Petterson did not receive any medical treatment. However, the force of the smack was painful and her face had a stinging sensation for an hour or so after the smack”. (don’t you wish more lawyers used words like ‘smack’ when talking to the media?)

Redmond wound up being sentenced to 3-hours of community service. That’s shorter than one morning newscast!

So Redmond brings her smack to Birmingham and pairs with the second NBC13 sports director to cross over into news. Ken Lass, who was the sports director when I was in high school, moves from mornings to weekends. Dunaway, who’s got ‘morning tv anchor or radio host’ written all over him, also moves from sports director to news anchor.

Maybe they should rename “NBC13 Today” as “NBC13 SMACKDOWN!”

Wonder how many producers are updating their resumes or at least reading “Taekwondo for Dummies”?


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