Wonder Why You Ever Go Home

Our last night of vacation and we spent way too much money on dinner. $60 for: 1) grouper sandwich and fries, 2) cheesburger kid’s meal and fries 3) crab cake sandwich and fries, 4) chicken fingers kids meal and fries. 1 diet pepsi, 1 ice tea, 1 pepsi and 1 lemonade. 60 clams without the tip and the few bucks it cost to park in the hotel parking lot.

And you know what? It wasn’t that good.

This has been a relaxing vacation. No amusement parks. No putt putt courses. No crowds. No late nights. We’ve been the only ones in the condominium pool all week. We haven’t waited more than 5 minutes to be seated at dinner. The downside is I think the kids are actually a little tired of spending the day at the pool and the beach. They’re a lot like me, we need things to do. We need something to wrap our minds and attention around more hours than not each day. Relaxing takes too much out of us.

We’ll be flying home tomorrow ahead of the latest tropical disturbance named Dennis. By Friday the weather experts believe it will be exactly where we are today. By then we’ll have returned home to greet Cindy.

Tomorrow’s going to be fun. We’re flying on a pass so there’s no guarantee we’ll get out of the Ft. Myers airport at all.


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One response to “Wonder Why You Ever Go Home

  1. Cg

    Wow, a fellow Buffett fan. We go home because it’s a safe harbor. Safe journey.

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