The Weather is Here…

Jimmy Buffet fans will know the rest of that song title. The clouds have moved across the peninsula but are affecting our vacation tonight. Trey and I want to watch the NASCAR race at Daytona but the rain delayed the start for 2 hours.

I meant to blog about this yesterday. The local daily “The Naples Daily News” has hired an entire staff to oversee the paper’s online content. The guy they hired to head up the department made a name for himself by re-inventing the online content at a newspaper in Lawrence, Kansas.

According to the article, Rob Curley is bringing his award-winning team that includes graphics specialists, an online sports director and others.

I haven’t checked it out yet but “The Lawrence Journal World” became the model for online newspapers around the country. Curley developed online little league baseball cards and other features that helped bring readers to the online edition of the newspaper. The Naples Daily News hopes to do the same thing here. It shows just how important developing creative online content is, or should be, to the future of local newspapers.

The Naples Daily News is a Scripps-Howard newspaper and a darned good one. It’s story count is exceptional. I spent nearly an hour reading this morning’s edition.


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