Daa Dum. Daa Dum. Dumdumdumdumdumdum

I don’t know, maybe that Horn Lake, Mississippi woman doesn’t really exist. Maybe she’s still on the Gulf Coast. I didn’t see any newscasts today to see if she was interviewed or even mentioned but I do know at least one station tried to find her after reading about the news reports on this blog.

But they couldn’t find her.

Maybe she’s ‘originally’ from Horn Lake and lives somewhere else now. But why would anyone tell a reporter they’re from Horn Lake, Mississippi if they don’t live there???

At least one station made calls and tried to find her. Maybe she’ll turn up.

In the meantime, I’ll be away for awhile. Don’t know if I’ll be able to blog but I will if I can. Maybe something about Ft. Myer’s tv stations. WINK?

Maybe my absence will generate a return of the angry anonymous commenter (s). They’ve been strangely silent since my post about making their own tv station look bad by the angry and profane comments.

Enjoy the week.



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2 responses to “Daa Dum. Daa Dum. Dumdumdumdumdumdum

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Jamey, don’t worry about some chicken sh** anonymous response on here. If they had some guts they would tell you who they are. It’s probably some light in the loafers reporters from your old station who feel threatened. You are doing a great job and I enjoy your truthful blogs. You are definitely right about the local news, it really sucks. When Channel 3 did that story on where to find prostitutes and how much they cost it proved to be the last straw with me and my family. We are now only allowed to watch AN5 at my house. Who comes up with those shi**y ideas? They really suck at their creativity. Oh well, have fun on the beach.
    Mike M.

  2. Anonymous

    Is the previous poster Mike Matthews (Mike M.)????

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