Horn Lake Woman Witnesses Shark Attack

I’ll bet this woman’s house will be surrounded by the media when she gets home.

Karen Eaker of Horn Lake was vacationing on the gulf coast today when she witnessed a shark attack a teenage boy from Lebanon, TN as he fished in waist deep water.

Eaker says Craig Adam Hutto’s brother probably saved his life. The shark “would have dragged him away” she says. “His brother literally was beating the shark on the snout.”

Her quote (sure to be a soundbyte soon) was included in news stories about the shark attack in 316 newspaper reports around the world. In “The Scotsman News” she was described as being on “holiday”.

In the China Post it looked like this:

鲨鱼”会扯拽他,”Eaker 说Karen, 42, 谁假期从Horn 湖, 密西西比。 “他的兄弟逐字地摔打鲨鱼在口鼻部。”

Wow, a local tie-in to an international story. And it’s about an animal too!
Who’ll be the lucky reporter to try this story tomorrow?



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