10 Commandments & other stuff

We’ve been waiting on these two rulings from the Supreme Court, wondering how they would treat the documents in the Kentucky courthouse and the monument in Texas.

Watching some of the national coverage today I felt that the news readers didn’t have a clue about what these decisions were based on. One anchor/host on FOX actually said “so the ones in Kentucky are prohibited because they’re in the courthouse while the one in Texas is okay because it’s outside”.

I’ll be shooting a story tomorrow for the ACTS Network churches on the court’s rulings along with interviews for another project. I’m also meeting with someone to discuss helping me sell a project to area businesses.

I’ve got a lot of loose ends to tie up before our trip to the beach (no, we’re not going to the shark-infested waters of Destin or Ft. Walton). Tomorrow will be busy. I’m getting things ready for a trade show in Gatlinburg which is the week we get back from Florida. I’ve bought a trade show booth and designed some posters. I’ll have them printed tomorrow too.

Now that I’m working for myself I’ve learned it’s a lot of work to go on a vacation. Before I just watched the clock and counted down the hours. Now I have to get projects finished and other things done before I can leave.


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