Cameron and I enjoyed a great night at Autozone Park tonight to see the Memphis Redbirds take on Fresno. It was our first game to attend this season and it was a perfect night to be at the ballpark.

We were guests of Amsouth Bank so we sat in the luxury suite with free food! Thanks to A.J. and Valerie for the invitation.

We did see two people get hurt by flying baseballs and bats. The first woman was seated just behind homeplate and behind the mesh backstop. I don’t know how she wound up getting hurt but it appeared that a bat somehow flew into the stands and around the mesh and hit her in the head. She was bleeding profusely before being escorted out of the stands. Some fans were yelling at a Fresno player who seemed to be very concerned with the woman’s condition. I’ve never seen a fan get hit behind the mesh before. I hope she’s okay.

Later a line drive wound up finding the corner part of the stands in left field where it appeared a little league player was hit. I don’t know, maybe he caught the ball and his parents and coach ran down to see if he was okay.

If you’re at a baseball game, watch the game. You never know when one of those foul balls will pick your seat to land. It happens every night.

By the way, we avoided I-55 on the way to the game because of the accident near Crump. Channel 5 had the pictures on tv before we left home so we managed to avoid it. Other folks in our suite weren’t as lucky. Driving home we passed the accident where TDOT was still investigating. One person was killed in the wreck. A tow truck passed by us with one of the cars on the back. Judging from the burned out truck and the two smashed cars, I’m surprised more than one person didn’t die in the wreck.

I don’t miss that part of my old commute at all.




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2 responses to “Redbirds

  1. Anynymous3


    I just want to say that I wish you well. I love the way you have allowed the leading of the Lord to guide you. You made the best desicion when you decided to obey the leading of the Lord. God is not going to let you down. I wondered what happened to you when I didn’t see you on Channel 3 anymore. I wish you the blessings of the Lord. Your blog about you stepping out on faith and not accepting that job and going with hat God said, blessed me. keep doing what you are doing.

  2. jamey tucker


    I will.

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