Ready for a Slowdown?

My life in the fast lane may be drawing to a close. My corporate client likes the finished project and will pick it up tonight. I finished editing another project this morning which will leave only one left on my plate. After it’s finished (tonight maybe?) I’ll be ready to defrag the hard drive, wipe off all of the render files and stray video files and be ready to start again.

I’ve worried a bit about slow times. My friends who are self-employed tell me those are the worst times. Wondering when the next project will come their way. I do have a meeting with a church on Wednesday that wants a couple of video projects, but other than a fairly big project in August I don’t have much to do.

We’ll take the opportunity for a vacation next week and I do have a pet project I’ve been wanting to spend more time on.

So today, I’ll hit the gym and then take the kids swimming. I’ll meet with the contractor about our driveway and which trees will have to be removed. We’ll lock in an interest rate sometime this week and start packing again.

I suppose that should keep me busy enough but it’s going to be a little strange not having several video projects staring me in the face.


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