Thinking Back

All that talk yesterday about Huntsville caused me to look up an old photo on the computer hard drive. (thanks to for the scan)

That’s Harold Bugg (sports) Jerry Hayes (news) me (news) Lisa Douglas (news) and Dan Satterfield (weather).

WHNT was unbeatable in those days. 19 went from 3rd in the ratings to #1 with a bullet in 1994. Bill Shory was our 10pm producer; Bobbi Harley, Lynn Carson and Steve Simon were the go-to reporters along with Kevin Yodjas (now news director) in the Shoals. Craig Jahelka was the news director then and a darned good one. Linda Spalla was our gm and often could be found in the newsroom answering the telephone during severe weather. She was a gm we didn’t mind seeing in the newsroom. Keith Lowhorne was the assignment manager and Bob Knowles was our executive producer.

Lisa went to Miami, Bobbi to Miami then to CBS Newspath and then The CBS Evening News, Shory’s now nd at WBIR in Knoxville. Linda has retired, Simon is in Houston and married to Lisa. Keith is still at 19 but as a big-time news manager. Bugg and I are out of the business now. Lisa’s in Houston I think. Jerry and Dan are still doing well at 19.

Those were the good ole days.


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