Ties That Bind 2

Well that’s not what I meant.

Ron Meroney at FOX13 is anchoring their mid-day news in a golf shirt and sportcoat.

Sorry Ron, I know you were out this morning for the morning show in the field, but a golf shirt does not look good on the anchor desk. Announcers on golf tournaments even wear ties when they’re on the set.

News anchors, and for that matter anyone sitting at the news desk whether it’s male weather anchors or sports anchors look better wearing a tie.

I’m sure it’s not just Ron but other anchors may wear sportshirts when their management approves, but this was the first time I’ve seen a male news anchor on the set in a golf shirt. The golf shirt looked totally appropriate (my opinion) for Good Morning Memphis’ on-location show this morning, but not on the anchor desk.

Again, just my opinion.

Now I’ll admit, when I anchored weekends I often wore golf shirts or t-shirts and shorts to work but when it came time for the news, I’d put on a dress shirt and tie. Many times (and I guess no viewer knew) I was wearing shorts and tennis shoes with that coat and tie.
It’d get some laughs from the studio crew. I don’t have the legs to make it look good.



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2 responses to “Ties That Bind 2

  1. mike

    I guess you’re arguing for “business professional” as opposed to “business casual” or even casual, which is fine with me. But on a similar point, I’d like to see women’s anchor dress held up to that same standard. Cleavage, while fine as eye-candy is, to me, wrong for an anchor. Same for frou-frou on their suit coats, excessive jewelry, and big flowers/corsages/ornaments on lapels or chests. Tone down the make-up, too. (Donna D., I’m looking at you.)

  2. Candy

    Amen, Mike!

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