The Ties that Bind

To borrow from a local summer tv spot: “It’s hot and you’re gonna need a sport shirt”.

Watching AN5’s 10pm newscast tonight I noticed two reporters wearing open collared shirts an no neck tie. Darrell Phillips and Aaron Diamond both wore ties during their live shots but during their pieces, or at least in their teases they sported no tie.

As one who’s “been there” I can appreciate this. The temperature hit 93 today with humidity that made it feel close to 100. Weathermen ought to report not only a “heat index” but a “tie index” since a buttoned-collar will make it feel at least another 5 degrees warmer.

But there are traditionalists who feel male reporters should always wear ties, no matter what the weather or temperature. I remember wearing a golf shirt or “dressy t” when the mercury got close to 100, but usually I was told “wear a tie tomorrow”.
I do agree golf shirts or open collars don’t look good when you’re standing in front of a chroma-key with a graphic from the newsroom, but I think it looks fine when a reporter is in the field for a live shot. Aaron and Darrell both had neckties for their liveshots.

Kudos to AN5 for allowing this. I don’t think viewers really care one way or the other.

Also…I haven’t watched a newscast for the past week or so but watched channel 5 tonight. Good newscast. No fluff or stories “just because they’re sexy” in the first 15 minutes. Good stuff on a lawsuit on local term limits for public servants. Great story from Jason Miles in Philadelphia, MS with an interview with the brother of a victim from the civil rights case nearly 40 years ago.

I am growing tired of the “Bra Bandit” story. Granted, it’s great video from the store camera with an armed robber wearing a bra over his shirt, but it seems this story is in the news EVERY DAY with the same video. There was new information tonight on a 4th suspect so there’s no question it’s warranted. But I doubt a story about an armed robbery of a convenience store would ever get more than a mention without video of a man wearing a bra.

Good newscast. Straight forward. Real news.




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2 responses to “The Ties that Bind

  1. Anonymous

    You’re an ass-kissing suckup who couldn’t make it over here when you were on tv. That’s why we let you go. You’re not qualified to be a media critic.

  2. Bearded Joe

    When I worked in Cape Girardeau, MO at the CBS affiliate back in ’83-84, I ended up doing a lot of one-man-band stuff. Male reporters appearing on camera were expected to wear a tie. Since my summertime wardrobe was limited, I would on occasion have to wear a long sleeve shirt during the brutal summer heat and just roll up the sleeves. That did not last long. The news director called me into his office after he saw one of my stand-ups where I had my sleeves rolled up. (do any of you former one-man-banders remember shooting your own stand-ups?) He very plainly spelled out that I would either wear short sleeve shirts with a tie or I would leave the sleeves on my long sleeve shirts rolled down and buttoned. He did not want to see the sleeves rolled up, even to just turn up the cuffs. I did as he said even though I didn’t understand his reasoning then and still don’t now. I figured either it was a consultant thing (the station was an A-R&D client) or the news director was just anal about it. I still roll up my sleeves when I’m working in warm weather as I find it more comfortable.

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