So there you have it

I got a phone call this morning from a former co-worker. I was on a shoot and couldn’t answer the phone but he/she left a message. “I just want you to know that what you read in the comments left on your blog is not how most people here feel”.

I didn’t know what he/she was talking about. I knew I hadn’t written anything about the station recently and my last post was about what tv newscast I watched last night. Who could find something negative in that? Well, judging from the comment and those left on Peggy’s blog (ABOUT THE BLUES BROTHERS AND HER NEW NEWSROOM FOR PETE’S SAKE!)some people think everything is about them.

Geez folks. Don’t you have something else to argue about? How about fighting amongst yourselves over which is the best boy-band “N-Sync” or “Backstreet Boys”?

It doesn’t take the head cashier at Wal-Mart to figure out who’s doing all of this anonymous posting. I can just about narrow it down to one or two people and that’s without looking at the isp’s that’s been on this site.

But puh-leeze, don’t think the whole world revolves around you. My post had nothing to do with your work, your character or your station.



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2 responses to “So there you have it

  1. jamey tucker

    I apologize to anyone who saw the previous comment.

    I won’t tolerate that type of profanity on this message board.

  2. jamey tucker

    I find it interesting that if the anonymous channel 3 poster is so concerned with what people think of his station, that he would continue to post vulgar, crude and profane comments on this blog.

    Doesn’t that give a bad impression of the station where he works?

    And a word to tv viewers who read this blog: there are some really good people at channel 3. Not all of them would post these types of comments.

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