The impending doom of Blogger

Every now and then I’ll take a chance and hit the “next blog” link in the upper right hand corner. Sometimes I find some pretty interesting blogs. Not tonight though.

It seems corporate America has begun to screw up the blog-world. Sure they know how popular blogs are today. I’d even welcome some good corporate bloggers into our world. But that would take too much effort from them wouldn’t it. I guess it’s a lot easier to infiltrate blogger with a bunch of spam.

First I get “”
Then, “”
then “you’ll find everything you need to know about box jewelry at this site”
then “everything you need to know about equine massage is here”


It’s not enough that these idiots have nearly ruined e-mail for people who still aren’t real comfortable with computers…they have to stick their nasty little fingers into blogs! Will anyone ever see one of these cheesy weblogs and think “now that looks like a good place to spend my money”.

I suppose they must. I never figured anyone ever spent a dime with companies who spread their slime through spam but they wouldn’t have been spending $$ for years filling up our in-boxes if no one ever clicked on the crap.

Come on Google (they operate blogger) do something about this now. As Barney says “nip it in the bud”. Clean these folks out. Make us sign some sort of agreement. Stop them before they cause everyone to second guess a click on an unknown blog.

And people…please…..don’t ever click on a link in spam or a blog. It only encourages them.



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