People say the darndest things

“I don’t mean to insult you…but you look like that newscaster on FOX.”

Fox host Greta Van Susteren blogs about a recent flight to L.A. “I got one of my favorite insults from someone who probably did not mean to insult me”

This reminds me of my favorite insult. It was years ago in small market Anniston, Alabama. I was the 6 and 10 anchor for the CBS affiliate that had a good market share despite competing with stations from Atlanta and Birmingham.

My poker buddies were in town for the weekend and we had gone out. Late that night we stopped by a supermarket for some food and a rather cute college girl running the cash register looked at me and said “you look like that guy on channel 40”. Just before I was about to turn on the charm she finished her thought: “but that guy has terrible hair”.

The guys have never let me live that down.



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One response to “People say the darndest things

  1. Bobby Nations


    Wendy’s favorite two quotes from strangers in public were:

    Honey, you don’t look anything like you do on TV
    … you’re so cute!

         -assorted little old ladies

    You look so much thinner on TV!
         -assorted little young ladies



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