Googling Myself

2 years ago, that would sound dirty. Maybe it still does. But tonight, while waiting to finish another project I entered my name in Google and did a search.

168 returns with my name. Some of them are actually a reference to a primitive Baptist elder who spells his name the same way I do, but for the most part the Jamey Tucker’s I found were mine.

I thought I’d check it tonight after getting a call from a corporate communications director for a Memphis company who found my telephone number after googling my name. He said the first thing he found was this blog.

I’m glad I tried it because I found several references to my blog by people I’ve never heard of. One was a general contractor website that seems to be following the progress on our house. Hmmmmm. There was one link written entirely in Chinese. That came from testimony in the He custody trial in Memphis when jurors watched an interview I did with Mr. He who mentioned his little girl’s name. He wasn’t supposed to do that. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to use the girl’s name in the story, I don’t know. As I remember it, I never heard any instruction from the judge to the media and the script made it past the manager’s approval.

Others were for references of projects I’m working on and there were quite a few links to the ghost stories I did the last couple of years in Memphis. Some had even put links to the stories on their own websites.

It was really interesting to see how these random thoughts on this blog wind up on other websites and message boards.

Wonder what that Baptist elder thinks when he googles his (our) name? Maybe I ought to look him up.



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