HD Baseball

Saw my first baseball game tonight in high definition. Wow. Every bit as good as a basketball game. Time Warner’s basic hd package includes Braves games on Turner South and TBS. I didn’t know this until I stumbled on the channel tonight.

The cool thing is no commercials. When the station breaks for commercials on the non-hd channel, the hd signal stays at the ballpark. You end up seeing a wide-shot of the field and the natural sound of the ballpark. You an also hear the play-by-play and analyst jawing about the game and clearing their throats. Reminds me of my days with the old C-band satellite dish when you could see the broadcast crew rehearsing what they would later say in the broadcast. I remember once watching Keith Jackson pick his nose before a game.

Watching baseball in hd is far more enjoyable than watching it on regular tv. Once when the ballpark shot caught part of the Turner Field Jumbo Tron it looked as if they had keyed in the picture. The clip of “Animal House” the Turner Field staff used between innings was as clear as if I were watching it in person.

I can’t wait to see the World Series in HD.



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