Extreme Home Makeover

We had quite a surprise over the weekend. As I mentioned the sheetrock is now up in our new home and the builder said we can plan on moving in about 6 weeks.

When we walked through the house Friday we found some mistakes. The laundry room which was supposed to be home to our washing machine and drier and a sink and cabinets had shrunk to only slightly larger than our washer/drier. The walk-in pantry had been shrunk to a lean-in pantry.

I didn’t see any way of correcting the problem short of picking a new lot and starting from scratch. That’s not an option.

We couldn’t get the builder or the contractor on the phone over the weekend but I caught them this morning. The contractor said he only recently noticed the difference but didn’t know right away if things could be changed this late in the building process.

We kept talking and finally came up with a solution that wouldn’t put him too far behind but would also give us all of the room in the laundry room and pantry that we wanted.

But I can’t help thinking that if I had gone up there with a bad attitude and yelling about the problems and how they needed to fix it I wouldn’t have had any luck. The builder would have been angry, I would still be angry and the small laundry room and pantry would forever be a sore spot.

Our builder is a good guy (even the other builders will admit it) and his contractor follows his lead. That’s good business. And I will gladly recommend them both to others looking to build a house. Thanks Joe and Barry.

By the way, we can still plan on a moving day in 6-7 weeks. Anybody who wants to help us move feel free to e-mail me!


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