Best Reality Show Since Big Fat Fiance

If you haven’t seen “Beauty and the Geek” set your tivo or vcr. Produced by Ashton Krutcher (who knows a thing about geeky looking guys getting the hot girl) this show is off to a great start.

Billed as a “social experiment” they take some of the smartest and geekiest looking guys and pair them up with gorgeous women who are all a little short in the smarts department. The teams compete in contests or challenges that fall in one of their strengths. The first challenge, for instance, has the smart guys teaching the dumb girls things we all learned in 5th grade. The girls have to teach the guys how to dance. Remember, these guys haven’t had a date in years (if ever).

Great lines in the debut episode:

From Richard, the geek from New Jersey who says he’s never kissed a girl:
“I looked into the room and saw all of God’s most beautiful children.”

From Erika, a life-sized Barbie model from Iowa
“When was D-Day?”
Geek says “1942”
Erika: “1942? Was it? No, 1942 was when Columbus sailed the ocean blue”

I’m going to love this show.



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