One Year Ago Today

One year ago today, I was told to leave my last job in television news.

I drove home that day excited about a job in Birmingham and thought God was making the decision easier for me about whether to re-sign in Memphis or take the job close to my hometown. (I had been offered a contract in Memphis but did not sign and told them I would not sign unless some changes were made to the contract).

A few weeks passed without hearing much about the Birmingham job. The decision makers were out of the country and it would be sometime in late July or early August before they decided on offering me or another person for their morning anchor job. In that time I dove into my own business and started the ACTS Network ministry.

By the time the news director called, I had decided to do what I’m doing now. He didn’t offer me the job, it went to the other candidate. I had figured it would go to her so I wasn’t disappointed.

So reflecting on the past year of self-employment I can say it’s been good. There have been some sleepless nights wondering when the next project would come my way but, for the most part, I’ve stayed busy with enough work to actually turn some projects down.

I thought about my last story as a tv news reporter; a meaningless story about summer travel (guess I’m lucky it wasn’t on the West Nile Virus or Monkeypox).

Will I ever get back into the news business? I don’t know. People ask me that and I don’t know the answer. Maybe? Is that an answer?

Right now I’m pretty content running my business and spending more time with my kids. And I haven’t once, in the past year even said the words “summer travel” or “west nile virus”. Feels good.



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  1. Bearded Joe

    Congrats on finally being free. But, admit it, don’t you secretly long for at least one “day after Christmas, gift return” story, or perhaps a “how people are coping with the heat” story?

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