The NYT “streamlines” 190 employees out the door

Editor and Publisher reports the New York Times company has axed 190 workers including journalists at the Times and the Globe. The reductions come after the company evaluated the efficiency of newsrooms in order to lower costs.



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3 responses to “The NYT “streamlines” 190 employees out the door

  1. Anonymous

    Does that mean a possibility of reduction in staff at WREG, owned by NYT Co., may occur in the coming months??? Maybe, that would also be a reduction of WREG employees bi-atching about your blogs.

  2. Anonymous

    Wonder if they will cancel the Outdoors show? The last time NYT downsized, WREG’s garden show was cancelled. They will probably asked for as many voluntary retirement from the “older employees”. If not enough retire, then the ax will begin to fall.

  3. Madeline

    I think it’s targeted toward the print side, not broadcast, according to the business wire reports I’ve read.

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