Remember when…

Check out the latest post from Lenslinger, the television video journalist in Greensboro, NC. This week as he shot the implosion of a building he noticed several “citizen journalists” armed with tiny video cameras. Says he sort of felt like a dinosaur. “It’s enough to make those of us in the media scrum to talk of the End Times.”

“The next ten years promise to feature a rapid breakdown of my chosen craft. Whatever new paradigm takes hold, it’s a safe bet the two-person news crew is an endangered species, driven to oblivion by technology and methods that are faster and cheaper, but not necessarily better. Hopefully by the time, I’ll have found more fulfilling ways to make a difference and a paycheck.”

The way this guy writes, I’m surprised that he hasn’t already made a jump to a more fulfilling career.

here’s the whole post.



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