Top 55 Shows of All Time

Several months ago I didn’t have anything to do (no real job remember?) and I made a list of my all-time favorite tv shows. It started out to be a ranking but after the top 10 it became just a list in no particular order.

I’m gearing up for my new blog at so here you go. My top 10 favorite shows and the rest in no particular order.

1. M*A*S*H
2. The Andy Griffith Show
3. WKRP in Cincinatti
4. The Wonder Years
5. Everybody Loves Raymond
6. Murphy Brown
7. Freaks and Geaks
8. Cheers
9. Seinfield
10. All in the Family
11. The Dick Van Dyke Show
12. Sanford and Son
13. The Cosby Show
14. I Love Lucy
15. The Bob Newhart Show
16. Newhart
17. Bonanza
18. Coach
19. Coupling
20. The Office
21. Evening Shade
22. Still Standing
23. Designing Women
24. X-Files
25. The Jamie Foxx Show
26. Frasier
27. Friends
28. Mork and Mindy
29. Happy Days
30. Third Rock from the Sun
31. Home Improvement
32. Nash Bridges
33. Picket Fences
34. Northern Exposure
35. Just Shoot Me
36. Life Goes On
37. Mad About You
38. Miami Vice
39. Boston Common
40. Yes Dear
41. Reno 911
42. Samurai Jack
43. The Simpsons
44. Malcolm in the Middle
45. The Single Guy
46. Soap
47. Dragnet
48. Adam 12
49. The Rookies
50. thirtysomething
51. L.A. Law
52. Twin Peaks
53. Twilight Zone
54. The White Shadow
55. The Mary Tyler Moore Show (close to the top 10)
56. SCTV
58. Some show I forgot the name for. It was about a Candadian Network Newscast. It aired in the early 90s on Lifetime. Awesome drama that portrayed very accurately the trials of chasing down stories day after day.


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One response to “Top 55 Shows of All Time

  1. jamey tucker

    The un-named show about the Canadian news department was “E.N.G”

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