“Why Aren’t You at Work?”

It never ceases to surprise me how many people think I still work for the tv station.

My family and I went to A Fair in Hernando today, one of the best spring arts festivals I’ve ever known. Walking around the courthouse square I was stopped more than a two dozen times by people asking me “how did you get off work today?”

I’ve been gone from the tv station for nearly a year. I realize I was not one of the primary on-air people but I was there every day! Anchoring the morning news, the 9 am show from Peabody Place, filling in on the anchor desk at 5, 6, and 10, and reporting for the 4, 4:30, 5 and 6 o’clock shows regularly. So why have so many people not noticed I’ve left the building? Could it be they’re simply not watching?

I was most surprised when I ran into Memphis city councilman Brent Taylor. He owns and operates Hernando Funeral Home. He asked me if I live down here and about how I must drive back and forth to the station every day. When I told him I hadn’t worked for the tv station in nearly a year, he had no idea.

I guess he doesn’t watch either.



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17 responses to ““Why Aren’t You at Work?”

  1. Anonymous

    Why do you harbor such hatred towards the station you used to work for. I take offense to some of your put downs. There are bunch of blogs on the internet now and all they do is made rude, stupid, irresponsible comments about WREG. I’m tired of it. I’m glad you no longer sit near me at work. You are showing your true colors now.

  2. Anonymous

    go back to work, “company man”.

  3. jamey tucker

    who says I harbor any hatred? I don’t. I’m not talking about the people I worked with, I simply made an observation that people aren’t watching like I used to think they did. I don’t have one ill thought about any of the people I used to work with. None. I still talk with many of them. In fact, I saw and spoke to one this morning and another former co-worker last night. If they read my blog (and one tells me he does) he sees my comments for what I intend them to be.So don’t take this so personally. I don’t dislike anyone I used to work with. I’m simply making an observation that if a city councilman hasn’t noticed that a reporter/fill-in anchor has been gone from a station for a year, he apparently doesn’t watch that station. Doncha think?

  4. Anonymous

    agreed. i don’t understand the mentality of some folks in tv news sometimes. so bitter…so hateful…always negative.

  5. Anonymous

    Are you doing a series package for WREG this ratings period? Did not see a series stories by you back in November. Hope I see one in May. I like your stories, especially about those haunted places.

  6. Anonymous

    Those haunted places series pieces were REALLY news stories!!! You talk on your blog about crap and unnewsworthy stuff now on local news. Your haunted places stories were pure crap also. What news value did it have? It was all show biz with special FX. Talk about calling the kettle black!!! He who live in glass houses . . .

  7. mike

    Man, whenever WREG folks show up in the comments on local blogs they are almost invariably rude, hateful and anonymous. Says a lot about WREG.

  8. Anonymous

    How can someone say with a straight face that WREG folks have a monopoly on rude, hateful comments? Says a lot about the glass houses people from other stations live in. While we’re at it, how many positive comments has Tucker really made about his former co-workers since he started blogging? He’s another bitter former employee. When it comes to tv types, seems he’s only friendly when speaking about “Petty” Phillip. Finally, to suggest people aren’t watching because he gets recognized everywhere is the ultimate in twisted logic.

  9. Anonymous

    He never said he thought people weren’t watching because he gets recognized. He said if people don’t know he’s still not on tv, they must not be watching.you news types are all the same. twist someone’s comments to make them fit your story. and so what if he’s not leaving positive comments about your station. lighten up and get a grip.idiot

  10. Anonymous

    Interesting discussion. Here’s a question: Why is it the only people who bother to have their own blogs for trashing WREG all the time are either former WREG employees (Tucker and Kern – “when tv came to memphis”) or WMC employees? Why don’t current Fox 13,WPTY and WREG’ers join in the fun? Could it be they see through all the b.s. from the bloggers?

  11. Anonymous

    so Kern is tv came to memphis? I never thought that.

  12. Caryn

    wow, you tv people have thin skins. I haven’t read anything derogatory about any station, just the way the stations cover the news.hope he doesn’t really start criticizing you.

  13. Kern's Da Man

    IF that blog is written by Kern. Notice I capitalized IF. Personally, I don’t think it is his blog. But anyways, Kern is probably mad because WREG took the radar gun (that he used for his School Zone Slowdown stories) away from him when he quit the station. lol jk

  14. Anonymous

    hey freakazoid! when you’re criticizing the way my station covers news, you’re criticizing those who worked there too. if you talk about my station, I take it personal.

  15. Anonymous

    awwww the little green employee takes it personal. boo hoo.

  16. Kevin Kern

    Greetings from Whitehaven. Kevin Kern here with a question and a few comments.Does anybody in the business know what the terms slander and libel mean?I hope people aren’t out there online or in a newsroom making false allegations by attaching or suggesting that my name is in any way connected to some anonymous website. If you have worked in the news industry, you know that you first need to ask questions and have all the facts. Lately, some people have asked me if I am the blogger in question. I am not. Don’t let this post be confused as a case of “methinks thou dost protest too much.” I’m not playing on this subject and I’m highly offended by the speculation and accusations. Everybody is entitled to an opinion as to who it might be, but attaching my name to it is a mistake. One of the main reasons I would never do such a thing as to run a media critique blog is because of my current job. How stupid could someone be as a member of the PR community to attack local TV stations that they rely on for news coverage? I’m not exactly breaking news over here and sometimes I have to pitch for coverage, making enemies is not on my agenda.All of this talk on the identity of the anonymous blogger is the result of an on-air incident last week. If you are or have been an on-air reporter/anchor, we’ve all been there. Not a shining moment and nothing for the resume tape. We’re all human and we all make mistakes. It’s the reason blooper tapes exist. I actually saw it happen live, one of the few nights I’ve tuned into the 10pm shows during the book. I felt bad that it happened, there was obvious embarrassment, been there. This is just another reason why I would never call someone out in an online blog for an on-air mistake. I was by no means perfect in my two years at WREG. After a few moments, the incident was laughable and it’s important to laugh it off after the initial sting and move on. And moving on is what we should all be doing; don’t some of you have a ratings race you’re need to be trying to win? Bitterness is not what I find in my heart when I talk about WREG. The station on the river is full of great memories and some of the finest people I have ever worked with in my short TV career. Together we won an Emmy and that is something I will always be proud of in my life. Many of those former co-workers are great friends today. While I get an occasional update on who’s pregnant and the like, I DON’T hear, care to hear or blog about day-to-day ops of the station. The King keeps me pretty busy for not having been with us almost 28 years now.My decision to leave WREG was tough; I embarked on a new challenge in life. I believe that a higher power had a plan that led me to a great job, giving me what I wanted out of a job in my hometown, more time with my family. Waking up at 2:30AM and going to bed at 6 or 7PM doesn’t allow for much time with the folks. I missed out on family dinners and most importantly family trips to the FEdExForum for TIGER BASKETBALL! My Mom is a cancer survivor and my Dad made it through a triple bypass. I didn’t want to look back one day and ask myself why did I do that? Why did I waste that time? If the bug strikes, I can always get back into TV. Don’t think I didn’t put together a nice tape before walking out the door for the last time. Right now I’m happy and learning about a different side of TV and the entertainment industry. I’ve worked on a network special, a four-hour DVD documentary and book, as well as the domestic and international PR campaigns for those projects. Now I’m just waiting to see how I might be involved in the new partnership between my company and the creators of that show called Idol something! Who knows where all of this may lead in the future. As I wrap up this post that probably exceeds the limits of a blog response, remember and take note of what I said earlier. I’m not a bitter blogger. Just clearing the air…..Kevin KernNews2kern@aol.com

  17. Kern's Da Man

    Thanks for clearing that up, K-man. Now, could you please return our radar gun!!!!!! lol jkAnd did you see my boy Kern giving a tour of Graceland on CBS Sports’ “PGA Tour Special – PGA TOUR 18 Golf’s Ultimate Road Trip” this past early Sat. afternoon. Atta boy Kevin! You deserve a Gorilla Award!!!!

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