2 Months ’til moving day?

The builder tells me our house should be ready in two months. Knowing how builders sometimes tell the home owner what they want to hear rather than the truth, I’m planning on 2 1/2 months until we move in.

But today I was encouraged to see a lot of progress. They’ve cleaned up all of the wood, particle board, insulation, roofing and other junk that gets thrown to the side as they start a house. Wonder where the snakes will go now?

We can now drive up to the house instead of parking in the cove and walking through the trees. The rooms have been swept up, the electricity wires run through the house and outlets put onto the studs. The plumbers were there today running water for the first time.

We walked with a little less care today now that the snake habitat has been removed. We were still cautious walking through the backyard though. We’ve got some poison ivy to get rid of too.

After we left we stopped by our old house to pick up some mail that didn’t get forwarded to us.

Have you ever returned to a house you used to live in? It’s strange. They’ve painted the rooms different colors, placed yard art in spots around the yard and trimmed the Crepe Myrtals like trees instead of bushes.

It hasn’be been a complete year since we left but in a strange way I didn’t feel like I was familiar with that house at all.

We’ll be picking out kitchen cabinets and built-in desk for my office this week. Hopefully they’ll start bricking this week too. I’ll effort some video or at least photos.

You’ll need to know what house the party will be at this summer won’t you?


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