One of my family’s favorite shows will go off the air tonight. “Everybody Loves Raymond” has been appointment television in the Tucker home for the past 6 years. Tonight’s episode will be preceded by a one-hour farewell show with highlights and interviews. The final episode itself will be, according to the writers, just another day in the life of the Barone family.

Kudos. Writers often feel the need to bring some type of closure to a long-running sitcom by breaking up the family and sending people in separate ways.

When I think of series finales, I think of the good ones and the bad ones. Which shows go off the air in style and which have fallen flat.

The final shows of “Seinfeld” and “Friends” come to mind as examples of lousy endings. “Farewell, Goodbye and Amen” from “MASH” was perhaps the greatest final episode, “The Wonder Years” was another good one, along with “Newhart” as viewers learned the entire series was just a dream.

“Cheers” (1993) was another good example of a show going off the air in style. The final scene was of a mysterious man coming to the door and Sam saying “We’re closed”.

Others were not notable. Anyone remember the final episode of “The Cosby Show”?

Later today: My golf date with Ray Romano and Kevin James.




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5 responses to “Ray

  1. JOD

    I thought you were talking about Ray Harris, the basketball superstar.

  2. jamey tucker

    he scares me

  3. Anonymous

    Jamey.. The last episode of the cosby show ended with their door bell (yes their door bell and a classy way to end a show) playing a musical chime and the couple dance off the stage set.. I think he opens a studio do for her and to leave.. It was a decent ending..

  4. jamey tucker

    thanks for the information. I’d love to see that episode. I don’t remember it getting the same hype and attention of other popular sitcoms on the week of their last shows. Sadly, most sitcoms have their plug pulled before an opportunity to have a decent “farewell”.

  5. mike

    Can’t believe you didn’t mention the Mary Tyler Moore Show ending. Everyone leaves the office set, Mary pauses at the door, hand on the light switch. We get a small smile, she hits the lights, dark and a closing door. Classy.

    Did you ever see Freaks & Geeks? The last episode wasn’t a finale as such but was really great. The whole series was about the struggle of Linda Cardelini’s character to find her place. She was an outstanding, straight-A student but suddenly, in her senior year, finds it not worthwhile. She begins to hang out with the school’s “freaks,” the stoners and losers. She finds she likes them, that they are complex and sympathetic, but everyone else is horrified.

    In the last episode, she is supposed to go off to summer camp. But her friend drives up in a van and announces she’s going to spend the summer driving around following the Grateful Dead tour. They both jump into the van and head off. Her parents and friends haven’t a clue.

    I’ve always wondered since then what became of Linda’s character….

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