A New Job

I picked up a new job this weekend. I’m a writer!

More specifically, I’ll be blogging for dough.

Media Village is a new website covering television, movies, music, the internet and other entertainment. In it’s first 30 days the site generated 30,000 page views per day and more than a million this month.

The blogger section will be up June 1st which is where you will find my blog and perhaps some of my columns on news and entertainment. I answered an ad last week and was one of 6 people chosen.

My assignment sounds simple enough. Watch tv and then write about what I see.

Now I’ve got to come up with a name for my blog. Any ideas?




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3 responses to “A New Job

  1. Candy

    No ideas on the blog name, but if you’re going to be a writer, please correct your use of the word, “it’s.”

    “It’s” is a contraction for “it is.” When you speak possessively, the correct word is “its” with no apostrophe.

    For instance, your sentence, “In it’s first 30 days . . .” the word should be “its.” No apostrophe needed.


  2. jamey tucker

    Thanks Candy,
    For as long as I can remember I’ve always had a problem with the use of its and it’s.

    When I write I’m mostly conscious of this mistake and look for it. But I sometimes miss it. I did here.

    Thanks again, I’ll keep working on it.

  3. mike

    It’s easy to remember: When speaking possessively, the “it” wants to hold the “s” close, so no apostrophe!

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