Copperhead Road

That’s not the official name of our new street…but maybe it should be.

Last night I took the wife and kids up to see the new house. We had to decide where phones and cable jacks are to go in each room. I had already warned the kids to watch out for snakes after I saw the first copperhead a few weeks ago.

So last night we were walking down the stairs, Delaney holding my hand, when she yelled “SNAKE!” She was pointing at the floor in the garage. I didn’t see it for the first few seconds but then barely made it out. It was cooling itself and not moving.

Cameron threw something at it (isn’t that what the textbooks say you should do when you see a snake?) and it moved. We left without killing it. Delaney was, by then, sitting on top of my head.

I went back this morning and found a couple of workers in the garage. I asked them if they had seen any snakes. “Don’t even kid about something like that” one said.

Telling them I saw one last night in the very garage they were working in only made them think I was joking. But when I went to the spot where I saw it…I found it. You could barely see it’s body as it had crawled under a 2×4. We moved the board and could see it was still resting. All coiled up.

It’s now the second copperhead I’ve seen at the house, the first though inside.

I may buy the kids a mongoose for their birthdays.



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One response to “Copperhead Road

  1. Bearded Joe

    To me there are two kinds of snakes: Those that are dead and those waiting to be dispatched. Yes, I have a phobia about them and this comes after growing up in rural Western Kentucky where my three brothers and I used to catch various snakes, big and small. Quite frankly, I would have dispatched Mr. Copperhead with a garden hoe or other long sharp object.
    You and your family members are brave souls. My wife would have already sold the house.

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