News You Can Use

Don’t you love the news teases during May sweeps?

Tonight while watching the prime-time CBS lineup I learned that tonight at ten I can find out how much hookers cost in Memphis.

I’m sure this story will have families gathered around the television set much like in the days of Walter Cronkite, breathlessly waiting on news that affects their lives.

Thank goodness I have cable and two other stations to get my NEWS.

This kind of filthy garbage is exactly why people are tuning out and turning off the local news.

Teases like these tell upstanding citizen viewers that there isn’t anything more important in the show (notice I didn’t call it a newscast). The months of May, February and November seem to bring out the worst in local television news.

It isn’t just this station. It’s a growing trend across the country. Live shots of “Girls Gone Wild” video shoots, pedophiles in the park, hidden cameras in hooker hotspots, and other smut fill up the local news time slots during these months.

Don’t they get it? The average mom and dad in front of the tv set at 10 isn’t turned on by this stuff and that’s why they’re turning them off.




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