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One of the benefits (I suppose you can call it that) of working out of your home is being able to keep a close eye on a television. While I edit video projects or update my websites and blogs, I usually have the tv turned on. Being it’s May sweeps, I expect to see plenty of teases and promos for things I “cannot afford to miss”.

So far though, it’s been something of a disappointment.

First, the reality shows:

American Idol This is the first season I’ve actually enjoyed more of the performances than those I’ve hated. Of the final four contestants, only Anthony (the guy with no adam’s apple) makes me hit the mute button. I can’t stand to hear Clay Aiken sing and this guy is a weak imitation of Clay. Thank heavens he doesn’t give the camera that gay little wink while mouthing the words “thank you. thank you. thank you” like Clay did.
AI in HD is one of the better high def shows on network tv. The picture is incredible, which was a bad thing for Paula Abdul last week when Constantine was voted off the show. When she cried, Paula looked like a 90 year old woman. If I were a betting man I’d bet on Bo, then Carrie and then Vonzelle but any of these three could win the contest. All three will have hit records. By the way…whatever happened to Rueben?

The Amazing Race I’m getting sick of Boston Rob and Amber too, but they’re going to win this version of CBS’s hit reality show. I like this network version of a scavenger hunt better than Survivor. As for this contest, the finale shapes up to be the best finish yet. But why does CBS run the finale on just the second Tuesday of the sweeps period? Will they start the next Amazing Race the following week? If not, what will they put in this time slot? Let’s just pray it’s not “Yes Dear” or that horrible show with George Castanza trying to play Tony Kornheiser. Geesh.

BEST Reality Shows on TV.

“Big Break III” The Golf Channel
“American Idol” FOX
“Extreme Home Makeover” ABC
“Nanny 911” FOX
“Amazing Race” CBS

On to the comedies

Everybody Loves Raymond
For years, my family’s favorite sitcom. But this show jumped the shark after last season. They only produced about half a season’s worth of shows and actually ran “your favorite episodes” for a February sweeps stunt. What once was a well-crafted comedy about family has turned into show after show with easy gags about sex. We can’t watch this show with our young children in the room anymore. Sad, this show should have ended a year sooner.

Still Standing
The funniest show on CBS Monday nights, but it’s disappeared this season in our home because we watch “Nanny 911” (no tivo).

Funny, those are the only two comedies I can think of that we still watch. When I want a really good laugh I tune into BBC America for a rerun of “Coupling” or maybe “The Office”. Too bad ABC family took “Third Rock from the Sun” off it’s weekday morning lineup.

So that’s what the Tuckers are watching. Notice I didn’t mention any dramas. The wife and teenage daughter still catch CSI (how can you miss it? it’s on 3-4 nights a week) and Cameron likes one of those cop shows on NBC.

I miss shows like “WKRP in Cincinnati”, “The Wonder Years”, “Freaks and Geaks”, and “The White Shadow”. I wish some cable channel would pull those reels off the shelf again.



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