I want a Beard

No way my wife will go for it though. I grew a goatee for a few weeks last month and she pitched a fit until I shaved it off.

I thought of this today as I watched the WKNO Auction. Joe Larkins, who looks pretty dashing in a full beard was one of the hosts. When I tuned in he was wearing a pretty pink ladies hat and a feather boa. Good thing he has a beard.



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3 responses to “I want a Beard

  1. Joe Larkins

    The one time I wear a purple feather boa and a red lady’s hat along with my beard and you have to see it. The things I will do for a good cause like raising money for WKNO-TV. My wife tells me purple and red are not my colors. Thanks for tuning in.
    Joe Larkins

  2. jamey tucker

    who says that was the first time I’ve seen you in a purple feather boa???

  3. STN

    Good grief…what has happened since I’ve moved away?

    Oh yeah, and beards rock.

    P.S. Jamey, go read Carson’s blog…you were back on TV tonight and probably didn’t even known it.

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