It’s Baaaack

Good computer tech, who I’ll now be able to call “my computer guy” got me back up and running today. Paul Miller of Now Technical Solutions made my computer a priority, found the worm, exterminated it, and got my computer back in my hands. Same day service at a reasonable price.

I’m running Firefox now and hope to get used to the interface quickly. I don’t think the worm came through IE, but rather that darn Kazzaa Lite program I stupidly downloaded a few weeks ago. Even as computer literate as I consider myself, I’m ashamed to admit I sometimes just hit the next button instead of reading the tab which tells me what I’m agreeing to when downloading a program.

I will not be using WinMX or Kazzaa Lite ever again. iTunes and even Wal-Mart offers music downloads for just a buck a file.

I went by the house last night to take a few pictures and see how much has been done on it. I was walking between the trees trying to figure out if we could wrap the driveway around the front and between the trees so we can have a circular drive. I wasn’t really looking where I was walking, looking over my shoulder to picture the driveway. I looked down just in time to see my foot about to come down on a snake.

I hate snakes. This one was so close to my foot I had to jerk it back. I don’t know that I’ve ever been jarred by anything like this snake jarred me. I froze. I probably even shook, thinking for sure I was about to be bitten.

It looked to be about 4 feet long and had the color of a copperhead except for a couple of bright yellow streaks in it’s markings. After I shook for a second or two I noticed it didn’t have a head.

I suppose some of the workers spotted it and beat the thing to death and chopped off it’s head.

It spooked me so much I carefully walked back to my truck and drove home. No pictures this time. I went back today to take a snapshot, but couldn’t bring myself to walk up the drive again.
Funny, I’m a grown man but I’ll probably be spooked by that snake for years after we move into the house. Go ahead, make fun of me. I really don’t care.



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