Why Does Anyone Want to Work in TV?

Well it isn’t the money. When I first jumped into the business I made a whopping $12,500 per year as an anchor/reporter/photographer/editor/producer/talkshow host.

I worked from 9 am until after the 10pm show ended. I shot and reported 2 packages each day and then produced and anchored both the 6 and 10pm newscasts.

Looking back I wonder…why would anybody trust someone who’s stupid enough to do all of that for just $12,500 a year??? I resigned that job and then asked if they could fire me instead so I could take unemployment (which actually paid $50 a week more than the station).

If I had seen this list of some of the starting salaries in other careers I would have probably done something else. Why don’t they teach this stuff in college?

(Can’t you just hear the comments in some newsrooms ‘hey…we’re gettin’ screwed!)


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