Downward Spiral of TV News

Interesting article in Ad Age by Bob Garfield. Terry Heaton’s been saying this ever since I first found his blog.

According to Nielsen, the network tv audience has eroded an average of 2% a year for a decade, even though the population has increased by 30 million. In February, for the first time, cable had a larger audience than broadcast. And the cost of reaching 1,000 households in prime time has jumped from $7.64 in 1994 to nearly $20 last year.

Read his thoughts here. (subscription required)

And now there’s this from Sam Donaldson who says network news is dead.
Although I believe he may be stretching things at this point, he does ask a question that may cause us all to think: “God forbid, if someone shot the President, which network would you turn to? It will be cable, the Internet- something other than General Hosptial being interrupted.”

Today…when hearing that the bells were ringing at the Vatican I found myself doing what I’ve probably been doing for years… turn to FOX or CNN.



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2 responses to “Downward Spiral of TV News

  1. mike

    I read somewhere the other day that only 30 million people watch the evening news now. That a bit more than 1 in 10. How sad.

    And local news only gets something like one-quarter to one-third reach?

  2. Bobby Nations

    Quote from my wife, Wendy:

    Sam Donaldson is only saying that because no one will hire him anymore

    Every opinion adds to the stew 😉

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