Cool Turkey

Okay…cold turkey is not the way to go. At least for me it’s not.

Smokeless tobacco quitters have an option in tobacco stores of nicotine free dip. I picked up a can of it yesterday (along, I’m ashamed to say, with another can of the real stuff).

Today I looked for the can called “Bacc Off” (with a great name like that it must be good) but my wife had thrown it out. Delaney, my 5 year old has been taught and trained to look for and confiscate any can of tobacco she finds. She found this one, took it to mommy who promptly threw it away. My wife knows our garbage cans aren’t safe (she knows I’ll go searching those cans up to my armpits in coffee grinds if I think there’s a half-empty can in there) so she took it to work and threw it away there.

So today, I went back to the tobacco store for another can of Bacc Off. I’m weaning my way off the real stuff. It’s taking longer than I hoped, but I’ll get there.

Thanks to Joy and Peggy for their encouragement. You can do it too Peggy. Think of how much better food will taste.

I’m singing in church tomorrow. I love doing it, but I honestly stress more about it than I ever did about interviewing the President or doing a live-shot with no information (“I don’t care what you have, just take 2 minutes!”)



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