Cold Turkey

I’m quitting.

I don’t smoke, it’s the nastier tobacco habit that I picked up. Someone at one of those Skoal booths gave me some free samples about 10 years ago. I had tried the stuff as a kid, gotten sick as a dog and quit.

But this time, since I was playing some softball and golf and found myself outside an awful lot, the stuff became a habit.

I’ve tried to quit before. Once I even drove to Wal-Mart in the middle of the night to buy some of the nicorete gum…but ended up buying another can too.

This time, I think I’m ready to quit. Wish me luck.




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2 responses to “Cold Turkey

  1. Joy

    Good for you! Keep plugging away (no pun intended). Chewing tobacco is as bad for you as smoking.

    Good timing, too. This is Head and Neck Cancer Awareness Week. Statistics show that 85% of these types of cancers are linked to tobacco use.

    So try hard–for you and your family.

  2. pp

    I assure it’s a difficult process. I’m with ya! Just remember to forgive yourself if you fall off the wagon and then try, try again.

    And never, ever give up. You can do this.

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