Why I Don’t Sweat April 15th

I don’t understand all of the attention that April 15th gets. Mark my words, during the 10pm newscast on April 15th every local television newscast will feature a reporter standing outside a post office doing a live report while people in the background drive up to the boxes and drop in a couple of envelopes.

Tax day stress?? Not on April 15th.

Want to see some real stress? Put a reporter live in someone’s den or study as they add up all of the receipts and search for those 1099’s they’ve misplaced. That’s been me over the last few days. But tonight, my stress is gone.

It was tax night in Casa De Tucker. I spent most of the day making sure I had everything together and then I handed it off to my tax man.

This year, taxes were a bit more stressful. When you have one full-time job things are pretty easy come tax time. Grab your W-2, do a little math and write out a check (or start spending the money you’re supposed to get back. But work for yourself…it’s a whole ‘nother ball game.

1099s, dinner receipts, equipment receipts, paid invoices, bank statements, health insurance receipts (you get to write that stuff off if you’re self-employed), mileage, advertising costs, office supply costs, newspaper/magazine/satellite tv subscriptions. It’s a bear.

But it’s done. The tax man cometh…the tax man taketh away. We’ll have to write a check this year, it won’t get in the mail until April 15th.

Maybe I can time it just right and get on tv!



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