long day

It’s been one of those days. I have five stories to send out to the churches who use my videos in their worship services. I promised to get them out on DVD by tomorrow. Three of the stories are in the can. I’ve written the other two.

I figured it would only take me a few hours to get them both finished and then use tonight and tomorrow morning to get them on dvd and in the mail.

So I decided to use the time to get in a little editing practice on my Mac laptop. When I finished project one, I couldn’t do anything with it. Couldn’t save it. Couldn’t output it to tape. Nothing.

There were about 200 edits in the piece so I copied the entire project, pasted it in another project (a cheaters way to save it) and then started deleting each clip, one by one.

sometimes in non-linear editing I’ve found one bad clip can spoil the entire project. Since you can’t always see that one bad clip, deleting them one by one is a nifty way to go about finding this needle in a haystack. After every delete, I’d try to save the project.

One by one they went and each time I got the same error message. I figured it might be the very last clip in the project, which would have been fine since I had another copy of the project in the editor. Nope.

So…(you editors will know what I’m talking about) I’ve had to completely re-edit the project. This time, on my desktop pc.

It’s been a long day, and it’s not over yet.

Other than that…things are fine.


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