The Wow Factor

If we’re all honest, we don’t get much of the ‘wow factor’ on the internet anymore. It’s been around long enough to be taken for granted. We’ve seen it all. Now, we tend to think of the internet the same as we think of television, telephones and automobiles. We’re happy we have them, we know we need them, but seldom to we think of how our lives would be without them.

Then today.

Google is offering satellite photos to accompany it’s maps. I know many of you are still using Yahoo for any maps or directions. I switched to Google for those about a year ago. Google’s getting a little heat now from the other search engines, so to beef up the attraction, they’re giving us satellite technology from Keyhole.

It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve looked at a website and actually said outloud “Wow”.

here’s what I mean: this is a shot of Goodman Road in Southaven, Mississippi. I-55 is on the left running up and down the page, Wal-Mart is the big white-roofed building. I’ve also looked up my hometown and although the maps aren’t as clear for smaller towns, I can make out main street and the rooftop of my mom and dad’s house.



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