Blown Chances

I look forward every year to “One Shining Moment”, the lasting images from the NCAA basketball tournament. This year I expected it to look better than ever in high definition. The entire tournament (practically) was in hd. All of the floor shots, the highlights, the studio anchors.

So what happened when “One Shining Moment” began? The darn fools at CBS switched it all to regular tv. As soon as Gumbel tossed to OSM, my hd picture switched to a 4:3 signal. Gone were the brilliant colors. Gone were the details on the jerseys and the faces. “One Shining Moment” didn’t shine. Besides, I’ve never liked the Luther Vandross version of the song.

It also seemed shorter. The old version of the song had a prelude, not this year.

Before I could change the channel after it ended, I saw the credits roll. This is where the networks give local stations the opportunity to tease what’s coming up in your “late local news”. The Memphis station didn’t do it. Instead of a “what’s coming up next” we saw a tease for Letterman.

I don’t know, maybe hd viewers don’t get that tease from the local affiliates. But I bet we do. At any rate, it was another blown chance to tease the news to one of the largest audiences of the year.

“One Shining Moment”? Not this year.


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