Spring Forward: “Yawning in Church”

Do you ever wonder how a pastor holds his laughter when he sees someone in the congregation yawn and a LifeSaver falls out of their mouth?

There will be a lot of yawning in church tomorrow since we lose an hour of sleep for Daylight Saving Time. By the way, that is the proper way to say and spell DST. According to the history books is Saving, without an S.

There was an interesting article in Friday’s Wall Street Journal about DST. I’ve always heard it was instituted because it allows the farmers more time to work in the fields during the longer days of summer. Not true.

Golfers were the ones who pushed Benjamin Franklin to institute it. At first, only the eastern states sprung forward. In fact, according to the article, not much earlier cities would set their own time. Boston might be at 7:15 pm, but Baltimore could have been 6:58 pm.

The railroads brought us Standard Time. Golfers helped bring us Saving Time.

Enough history. I’ll be teaching Sunday School tomorrow but before I do, I have to shoot one more piece of video at the other church. It’ll be a quick shoot and then a quick drive across town to my church.

Our pastor, Dr. P.J. Scott is retiring tomorrow so the worship service will be pretty emotional. He’s been in our pulpit for 30 years. I produced a video that’ll be played which looks back on his service to our church.

I watched the Final Four tonight in HD!!! Awesome. What’s also cool is I’ve got my wireless network up and running so I could browse the internet on my laptop. I even managed to find a wireless network (Southaven has one) during Trey’s baseball practice. Very cool.

Sorry there’s not more on this blogsquat lately. I’ve noticed a lot of the bloggers I’ve started to reach regularly are taking some time off.

Memphis, ETC came on strong, but hasn’t updated since March 24th.
My friend Mike Hollian hasn’t updated Half-Bakered since March 18th.

Blogging isn’t as easy as it seems. It takes time. Sometimes it’s work.


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