Can You Read This Faster?

Because I can post it faster. I’m high-speed baby! High Definition. Roadrunner. Soon…internet phone.

The first show I watched was American Idol. Wow. You can see the dimples on people sitting in the third row (not that that’s a good thing, but it’s cool).

I don’t know if it’s possible to be as busy as I was and not get anything done. I spent nearly all day with Time Warner people. The first technician showed up early, which was good. He didn’t know I was getting anything other than Roadrunner. A phone call (pretty easy this time) gave him the order to do it all. Trouble was, he didn’t have the boxes for digital cable and HD cable. I waited 3 hours until the next technician came who only had the digital cable box.

The wait was good for me though. It took me that long to get my internet connection right and get the settings correct for mail.

The second tech told me he could bring my HD box…next week. Forget that. I drove to the Time Warner office to pick it up myself. By then it was 4 o’clock.

I’m hooked up…but can’t get some of the HD channels like TNT, ESPN and Discovery. The local channels are good though. Another tech will come by and get me set for good.

So…what’s the first place you go on the internet when you have high speed?

If you’ve got high speed, go there now.



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3 responses to “Can You Read This Faster?

  1. mike

    I’m assuming you had a firewall like Zone Alarm running *before* your computer went live on broadband? Make sure you have everything running, protection-wise, right now. Broadband is a huge target for script kiddies and hackers. Stay current with updates, too. Run your anti-virus at least every week; same for AdAware and Spybot. Remember, too, that it’s not just your computer, but the computers of everyone who has your email address!

  2. Bobby Nations


    I’m loving reading your blog, which I didn’t realize you had at all.

    Wendy and I switched to VOIP for our phone lines when we moved to Collierville back in September. Since we were going to change numbers anyway, it seemed like a good time to try it out. Overall, my impressions are good and the price is outstanding so far (never more than $25/month for essentially unlimited calls within the USA). I’ve been perturbed occasionally because the phone will sometimes refuse to accept incoming calls. It seems to come and go and lately it’s been gone mostly, so I’m sticking with vonage a little longer.

    I’m not sure if you or Cameron knew that we were adopting or not, but we’ve just returned for China with the world’s all-time bestest little baby girl. Detail can be found on my web site including links to pictures. She’s adjusting well to the changes so far. Anyway, we’ll have to get together some time to introduce you guys.



  3. musica

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