2 Days and Counting Until HDTV

The Time Warner folks have come out and painted my lawn with lines for where the cable will be buried. They’re supposed to be here Wednesday afternoon meaning this weekend’s Final Four, the race at Bristol, and regular prime-time programming will be HIGH DEFINITION BABY!

I’ve never had a problem with DirectTV and wonder if I’ll miss the satellite choices, but I’m looking forward to telling BellSouth to take a hike. We actually had a BellSouth customer service representative tell us “well there’s nothing you can do about it (their service and rates) because we’re a monopoly. You have to have a telephone and we’re the only ones who can give you one”.

Not anymore dummy. We’ll drop BellSouth for Vonage as soon as the cable is in the ground. I may drop BellSouth before I turn on the tv! We’ll also be broadband for the first time. I’m stoked.


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