Git R Done

Got r done. The church video is complete along with 50 DVDs they’ll pass out tomorrow morning after Easter Sunday services. My fantasy baseball draft was one of my best.

First pick of the draft, chosen by pulling team names out of the hat: Tuck’s Friars. Don’t you love that name?

I picked Albert Pujols first. After going through the rest of the teams and then back up the list, I was shocked and awed that my other first choice was still on the table: Miguel Tejada. Two huge hitters, maybe the best in the game at their positions. Here’s the rest of my team, as if you care.

1b Paul Konerko
2b Chris Burke
3b David Hamilton
ss Miguel Tejada
of Albert Pujols
of Shawn Green
of Jose Cruz Jr.
c Mike Piazza
p Tim Hudson
p Oliver Perez
p Roy Oswalt
p Eric Gagne
p Javier Vazquez

It’s a $300 cap league and I think I came out pretty well this year. I always tinker with my team all season and will end up dropping some of these players and picking up others.

Gotta get up early in the morning, the Easter bunny is coming after all and the kids will be knee deep in chocolate by the time I’d normally hit the floor. Then, I’ve got to drop off the DVDs to the church before heading off to Sunday school and church.

I hope you’re all able to be in a worship service tomorrow to remember the sacrifice Christ made for all of us. If you watched “Passion of the Christ”, don’t listen to all of the debate over “who killed Jesus?”. No one killed Jesus, it wasn’t a killing or a murder, Jesus went to the cross willingly because it was His purpose to die for our sins so that we all have the same opportunity of heaven.

By the way, we took the kids to Southaven’s annual Easter Egg hunt. Mayor Greg Davis welcomed everyone, gave us the rules, and then prayed that we all would remember the true meaning of this weekend. Thanks Mayor Davis, it’s nice to hear a sincere prayer from an elected official.


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