More than I can Say Grace Over

But I’ll try. I’ve been very blessed since I lost my job 9 months ago. Work keeps finding me and I manage to stay busy. When one video project wraps up…I have another one waiting.

Today I wrapped up shooting of a marketing type video for a church which will be put on DVD, mass produced and then given to visitors. It’s about a 7 minute project with about 4 hours of footage. I’ll finish the edit tomorrow, build the DVD and then burn enough copies for the church to hand out Easter Sunday.

It’s been a fun project and I’ve enjoyed working with the pastor and the rest of the staff.

The kids are out of school tomorrow so it’ll be a challenge to keep them entertained and out of my office long enough to get r done.

Some good news tonight, the guy who published the old South TV News site is thinking about a return. I am not about to tell you where, until he or she says it’s okay.

One of my biggest days of the year happens this weekend. What happens Saturday will deeply affect my life and my attitude over the next 6 months. It’s time for my annual FANTASY BASEBALL DRAFT!

I think I just lost some of you…

I’ve been in this Fantasy baseball league at WHNT in Huntsville since 1993 and the guys are kind enough to let me stay in the league even though I’ve been gone from there since ’97. It’s one of the things I enjoy and draft day is crucial. I haven’t put enough time into my research yet…but I will.


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