Beaten with the Ugly Stick

I’ve wondered about this, how will HDTV affect the star quality of some tv celebrities?

ONHD.TV has taken a “close” look at how celebrities appear in high definition. Their results? Not very good.

Cameron Diaz tops their list of hdtv losers, saying her “terrible acne” is hard to ignore. Michael Douglas: looks like Kirk. Renee Zellweger: Rosacea problem is very visible in high-def. Joan Rivers: count the stitch marks from various surgeries.

Their winners include Catherine Zeta-Jones: “gorgeous and it shows, Penelope Cruz: “Tom broke up with her?” and Anna Kournikova “she may not be able to play tennis, but God blessed her in other ways.”

My HDTV should be connected in the next week and I can’t wait to see what others are seeing. It’s six times clearer than normal television which is good for some celebs, but could spell the end of the road for others.

Wonder how far off HD is for local news? Can’t you just imagine what we’ll see? Which anchors forgot to shave? Which female anchors need to shave?

Many male reporters do not use makeup when they’re in the field, I seldom did. High Def may make that a necessity, (it would with me). Of course high-def field cameras are in use yet in the Memphis market, but they’re coming. Sony and Canon both have excellent high definition cameras that are dropping in price. I’m looking at getting one of the Sony cameras for my business. It won’t be that long before the local stations do that too. Especially after every home has high-def. Once one local station buys the cameras, every other station will jump on the bandwagon.

I can’t wait. Now that’s a reason to watch local tv news!


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  1. mike

    Check out Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) for me and give me a report. 😉

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