My Thoughts on Terri

One thing about the Terri Schiavo case that bugs me: where are the bleeding heart Democrats?

Anyone hear from the NOW women? Doesn’t this seem like a case they’d love to jump on? A woman who’s husband wants her to die so he can marry the woman he’s been living with for years and has had a couple of kids with. He won’t divorce her and let her parents decide her fate. He received a million dollar settlement from a malpractice suit but hasn’t (reportedly) spent the money on her rehabilitation.

Where’s Hillary? Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to get your photo taken with Terri’s family and how you’re fighting for this woman’s right to live?

What about the folks protesting the war because they don’t want to see one more person die?

Where are they? They’re keeping their distance and their mouths shut because President Bush and other Republicans have taken the position in favor of letting Terri live.

Who knows how the Democrats really feel about the sanctity of life? They’re too busy disagreeing with Bush. I swear if Bush held a press conference to say “the sky is blue”, you’d have Democrats lining up in front of CNN cameras to call him a liar. “We strongly disagree with the President on this one. He’s misinformed and he’s wrong for trying to mislead Americans with this nonsense.”

What do you think they’d be doing if Kerry had won in November and was back in the White House tonight, waiting to sign legislation that would give Terri her feeding tube back?

This is an awesome opportunity for Democrats to show voters they can use common sense and, in the process, win back some Christian voters who used to vote Democrat in every election.

For a short time early on in this debate, I actually thought Terri’s husband might be acting in Terri’s best interest. Then I found out about the other woman, the other family, the money from the lawsuits and discovered why he might just want her to die so he can re-start his life. I also heard more from Terri’s parents who spend each and every day with her and have communicated with her over and over again. Being a parent, I understand what they must be going through.

President Bush said this weekend that “our society, our laws, and our courts should have a presumption in favor of life. Those who live at the mercy of others deserve our special care and concern. It should be our goal as a nation to build a culture of life, where all Americans are valued, welcomed and protected, and that culture of life must extend to individuals with disabilities”.

How can anyone disagree with that?


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