Democrats Come Through

I never thought I would say this. But I stayed up way into the morning watching C-SPAN.

I flipped the channels back and forth from C-SPAN, FOX News and CNN watching the coverage of the Terri Schiavo story. It was fascinating. The networks provided people on both sides of the issue, all bringing up good points for and against returning the feeding tubes.

Terri’s family says doctors predict she could begin feeding herself if she receives the proper therapy. They believe she wants to live, that’s good enough for me.

The House will passed easily, 203-58 and it was backed by most Republicans, and many Democrats. Guess I spoke too soon on the partisanship of members of Congress.

I wonder how I would feel about this if I were either the husband or the parent. I wonder what I would want if I were in Terri’s shoes. The legislation signed by President Bush this morning will not apply to anyone other than Terri.

Early this morning President Bush praised Congress saying “We in government have a duty to protect the weak, disabled and vulnerable. I appreciate the efforts of state and federal lawmakers on both sides of the aisle who have taken this duty to heart.”

I do have some problems with the federal government getting involved in this, but hearing from Terri’s parents and suspecting the motives of her husband Michael, I still believe Congress and the President did the right thing.

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